Friday, November 14, 2008

Old and Married

By the time you hit approximately my age, I think I've figured out that most people are either in the Old and Married category or the Young and Single category. You don't necessarily have to be married to be in that category, but it helps. For example, as an Old and Married, I'm spending my Friday night eating steak at home and watching movies. If I were Young and Single, I suspect it may go more like eating out and actually going somewhere. I think it's a continuum, where there are degrees of each, but essentially you're on one end or the other.

But I am certainly not complaining about being Old and Married. I get more sleep, I have extra money to spend on things I like instead of just booze, and part of my routine is comfortably predictable.

Part of being an Old and Married I suppose is getting full-time employment. I'm still in the technically part time category because I have yet to pass the bar, so I don't get benefits but do get to work almost as much as someone who does! On the plus side, I have a great schedule and don't have to worry about asking for vacation.

So now I'm looming around the corner from career-dom. I took the MPRE and soon it's time to start studying for the bar exam. I'll miss a few things about my job. The 50 cent soda machine named Clyde. The super duper hardly ever work past 4:30 schedule. The free candy we get every so often from the boss man. But boy, it'll be nice to have, you know, retirement. Old and Married, I will soon be one step closer to your category!

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