Friday, December 23, 2005

Hasta luego, chupadores

Yeah, I totally made up the word for suckers in Spanish. You can't stop me!

Happy Festivus! I'm officially done with finals! Over my three week break, I plan to do no more reading than is necessary (probably exclusively cereal boxes) and catch lots of movies and TV. Oh, baby. Today alone I must have put in about 8 hours of TV. VH1's Behind America's Next Top Model? Why not? I have nothing better to do! Two hours of What Not To Wear? Yes, please. I even busted out the Nintendo and played a little Paper Boy this afternoon. In other words, best afternoon of my life.

Tomorrow (yes, on Christmas Eve) I fly out to Mexico to spend Christmas and New Years with my family. That means you won't be able to get in touch with me for like a whole week - I know, it'll be hard for you. That's what this blog is for. And if you ever get lonely, just watch the 'Lazy Sunday' video - it always picks me up.

Merry Christmas, y'all!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Chronic-WHAT-cles of Narnia

Yeah, I know you've seen it. Shut up. It's funny!

Volverte a ver

I don't know if some of you out there know this, but I'm Hispanic. That's right, 100% My-Parents-Are-From-Mexico Hispanic. My many visits to Mexico each year keep my Spanish language skills up and also keep me up to date with all the hottest Columbian Mexican stars, including Juanes, one of my favorites. Here is is, below, knowing he looks like a badass because he just won a shitload of Grammys.Anyway, so Juanes is coming to Austin! In February! On a Friday night! Meaning that my awesome cousins could potentially drive up to see this concert. Except - oh, wait. Alison Peck is "supposedly" "getting married" that weekend in LA. What the hell, Alison? You planned it this way on purpose, didn't you? All I'm saying is if I don't get a wedding invitation in the mail soon, I'm buying tickets to the concert.

Sunday, December 18, 2005


My friend Jaime sent out an e-vite to a post-finals drinking bash and included the following hilarioius graphic in it. It took me a while to realize, but those are all our first-year professors. Brilliant!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

A little breather to regain my sanity

So my last post (which I believe was about a week ago) didn't make much... sense. In any sense of the word. I blame finals. That was definitely me at my worst. Sleep deprived and just anxious to get things over with. But now, the clouds have parted and birds are singing. Why am I so happy? Am I done with finals? No, of course not! But the two awful ones are over with, so I may as well be done.

You can't get too upset studying for crimnal law. Law and Order and all its successful spin-offs are based on this branch of the law entirely. You don't see any lawyer shows about contracts, and God help anyone who even attempts to pitch a show about civil procedure, because they will be bludgeoned and tortured by any law student or lawyer in a fifty-mile radius. Hell, anyone in a fify-mile radius who even listens to them explain the basic concepts would probably go on a killing spree.

Yesterday was our civil procedure final, which was... yeah. Pretty insane. Worst test of my life? Definitely. But the main point is, it's over! Last night, to celebrate, I hosted a wee Christmas party for the law school folks. It was pretty chill, and I think exactly what a lot of us needed to relax after our anyeurisms of the whole week. After, a few of us went to this... warehouse party? It was bizzare, that's for sure. It was in East Austin, which is... not the most respectable part of town. So we pull up and there are lots of "alternative" or shall we say "cool" people coming in and out of this house. There's a stray dog somewhere in the entrance, and what appears to be a hobo-style garbage can fire in the back. *Note: I tried to search for "garbage can fire" on Google Images, and could not find an acceptable one. So we hung out on the porch for a while and returned to the relative safety and normalcy of our friend Joe's apartment. On the way out, the stray dog was wearing a t-shirt.

There's no way to catch a cold from standing around outside in the cold, right? I geniously decided not to bring a jacket because I thought we would be inside and then insisted I would be okay since I went to Notre Dame, bitches, and I can handle the cold! Maybe it was a bad idea...

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Hey everyone, it's one in the morning on a Saturday! Well, Sunday I guess. Guess what I did all weekend? STUDY. Hoo boy, it doesn't get much more exciting than the life of a law student. John Grisham, you dirty liar. Law school isn't as glamorous as The Pelican Brief. You LIED. [Insert joke about reliance here; watch my soul go out the window]

Everything you've heard about finals... is true. I'm hoping for a freak-out on Monday's test from someone in my section, Freshman-Chemistry-in-Stepan style. To quote Jason Lawhorn, after our test on Monday, "I'm going to drink until I pass out." Hell yes, you are.

Hmm, this isn't turning out to be as hilariously sleep-deprivingly witty as I had hoped. Reggie Bush won the Heisman - I hate you, USC. With the fury of a thousand suns. Our only salvation is Jeff Samardzija. Help me Jeff Samardzija, you're my only hope. Shark, is your hair prettier than mine? Or perhaps just longer... Either way this picture is proof that Jeff Samardzija should have won the Heisman. Hello, is that not a perfect Heisman pose??

I'm going to go sleep under an overpass tonight. It'll help me appreciate that finals aren't that bad. Kat says to throw trash at me, so I get the full effect. So look for me under I-35! I hear you can learn some valuable lessons that way. "And that's why you always leave a note".

Also, a certain contracts professor has man boobs. I won't say which one, but I hear he has a close, personal relationship with Farnsworth. He also enjoys wearing thin Calvin Klein shirts on the weekends when he holds review sessions. I'll let you figure it out for yourselves.

One more tip - if you're just about to go to bed, don't watch old Baritone slide shows. It'll fill your heart with the wonderful memories of when you drank all the time with no consequences. ERRRM, I LOVE YOU, BILLY. Good God, let's just let the shit show begin.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

School's out

The entire University of Texas shut down at 2pm because an ice storm is coming through. Look out, the temperature is dropping below 32 degrees, and it's sprinkling! Everybody shut down the city!

Haha, ohhh what a change from Notre Dame days, where I never had class cancelled due to weather. They made an announcement in the library that because the whole University is closed, the Law Library is also closed... pure mayhem. What?? The Library is closed? WHERE AM I GOING TO STUDY. I can't study at home!!! Finals are in less than a week! OH, GOD.

So our Contracts class was cancelled, which is awesome because he's going to reschedule it for Friday so we can learn something new just in time for our final on Monday. Super Awesome McSweetSweet. I'll kill you, weather. And Sokolow.

Monday, December 05, 2005

The Final Countdown

T-minus one week until finals begin.