Sunday, March 15, 2009


So, basically from Christmas until February 26, I literally did nothing social. I didn't go out to eat with people, I didn't go to the movies. I did manage to keep an hour or two a night for TV (I care about the really important things in life), then on February 26, I felt like:

I think I've finally recovered, after many nights of sleeping in. Going to work and being yelled at by people with criminal records for prostitution and drug possession is a little refreshing.

Updates to the max

So, you may have noticed my absence, or maybe you just thought I was being lazy, like normal. Actually, I was studying for, and taking, the bar exam, whose results I'll have in about 6 more weeks. Nothing like waiting! Anyway, I figured I'd start back from where we left off and try to hit all the major events.

1) Christmas. Stephen and I did go to Mexico, and he did manage to avoid diarrhea. Good work, Stephen. We also took lots o' pictures. Here are a few.

Here's Swarley, wishing YOU a Merry Christmas. Yeah, it's a little late, but how adorable is that little bastard?

Stephen enjoying his first churro, bought off the streets of Monterrey. Yes, he ate street food. AND, may I repeat, did not get diarrhea.

Finally, this insane lady was greeting people at the planetarium. What is she supposed to be? All I know is that she was very interested in getting next to everyone. VERY interested.