Thursday, February 15, 2007

That's What She Said

I'm busy, which means I'm blogging. Sort of. I don't have much to write about, except for my perpetual happy dance until Friday, when I fly to South Bend and accompany Stephen all the way back to Texas. Suck it, long distance! Never again.

Instead, I'll just point you to the blog That's What She Said, which takes situations from The Office and attaches real-life litigation costs to every stupid thing Michael does. So, if any of you ever thought of kissing your gay employee to prove you're tolerant, you probably shouldn't. Surprisingly, it doesn't work in real life.

Monday, February 12, 2007


When did "douche" become an acceptable word on prime time TV? I've been wondering for a long time too, how come when they bleep out asshole, they bleep out the hole? And the God in goddammit. I don't get it.

Wacky things

Hoo boy, it has been one full day. I won't say I have a case of the Mondays, cuz you could get your ass kicked saying something like that.

Last night, I went to Blockbuster and pulled the old switcheroo - the one benefit Blockbuster has over Netflix. I also ran over an armadillo on the way there. Man, those suckers are everywhere. You'd think for an animal with an exterior shell, they'd be a little more resilient.

Then today, I had to turn in a paper and pick up an assignment from one of my professor's assistants. I stopped by his office twice, and he was never there. I should have known as soon as I saw him - he was probably outside toking up with some high schoolers. This guy looks exactly like Chong on That 70's Show. I had to wait for this guy for like 20 minutes, so when I finally got what I wanted from him, I kicked him in the nards and ran off.

Finally, I almost got run over when I was crossing the street to get home, but I stopped the car by punching it 50 feet in the air.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Movie Review #2

I think I may have to upgrade to the 2-DVDs-at-a-time plan for Blockbuster Online. The closest service center is in San Antonio, and it took like 4 days for my next DVD to come. Bastards.

Anyway, DVD #2 was The Da Vinci Code. You've already been warned by Goat that it sucked, and I have to say that it was meh. Not great, but not terrible either (see, Crank). It would've been a lot better if they didn't have a ton of annoying flashbacks. Anyway, I can't really write a full, comprehensive review of it because I was finishing up my journal cite check assignment.

I actually finished my Texas Review of Entertainment and Sports Law journal assignment a full 48 hours before it's due! I'm being... productive? What's next, I'll actually finish my ADR paper today, a full 24 hours before it's due? I don't even recognize myself anymore.

Finally, I will point everyone to Philip's personal fundraising website for Barack Obama. I already donated, and I'm a poor student, so take some time and donate for everyone's favorite (or at least the most likeable) candidate!

Or if you just want to send cash directy to me, I'll take it too. For my personal expenses.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dahlia Lithwick is kind of my hero

Being the huge nerd that I am, I actually enjoy reading Dahlia Lithwick's Supreme Court updates and reports. Seeing as I originally started this blog to talk about law school, I guess I should point you to this very interesting article about the female Justices speaking out, and about women in the workplace in general.

I think I'll be Ruth Bader Ginsburg for Halloween. How do I get those glasses?

My head asplode

One of the lovely things I encountered in Austin is the prevalence of cedar. Apparently, I am allergic. I've never had seasonal allergies until I got to Austin, then all of a sudden, BAM. My head kind of exploded on the inside.

So the past couple of days have had ungodly amounts of cedar in the air, and I am out of the good non-drowsy allergy medicine, which means my fallback is the drowsy, make you want to pass out kind. Weeee!

Actually, I've spent most of the past two days asleep or on the couch. I guess I'll just suck it up and live with it, but it makes for a miserable existence. If you happen to hear of massive forest fires in central Texas, it wasn't me... and it was totally Nips' idea.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Be kind, return on time

Does anyone else find that little phrase totally off after the years and years of "Be kind, rewind"? I for one, always rewound my movies. I'm just a good citizen.

As part of my "Enter the 21st century" blitz, I finally joined a mail-order DVD program. I thought long and hard, weighed my options, and passed through many sleepless nights before finally settling on Blockbuster Online. Basically, the only benefit is that you can switch out DVDs in the store, which I think is pretty spiffy.

My inaugural rental is Superman Returns. Seeing as I'm the only person on the planet that hasn't seen it yet, I thought it would be fitting to rent and watch all alone in my living room. I feel ya, Superman.

Overall, I really liked it. Makes me feel like hitting up the Houston Museum of Natural Science. I remember a lot of geodes from elementary school field trips. Lois Lane is kind of a bitch, but I suppose I would be too if my man knocked me up and left for five years. Also, the whole thing looks very CGI-y. Not just the special effects, though. Like, Superman's face. No one has skin that good. And if he does, what is he using, because I need to get me some of that. Also, when did Superman become Titanic?

Next up on my list is another one of those "Movies everyone else has seen but me", The Da Vinci Code. Don't worry, I just added The Science of Sleep to my queue, so I'll be sure to get to some less mainstream fare as well. I think I'll make the Movie of the (Indetermined Amount of Time) Club reviews a regular, so check back for more wisdom.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Sartorialist rule

"Suits are full of joy. They're the sartorial equivalent of a baby's smile."

Big things are happening

Extreme makeover, blog edition! I needed some room to breathe. And this gives it to me. Philip is copying the re-imaging. But that is only the beginning!

Stephen got a job at UT, which is pretty much the most ideal situation we were hoping for. He gets to keep working in education, and in what seems to be a really laid-back atmosphere. They actually told him in the interview that the last guy with the job was in it for a solid two months before they realized he had done absolutely no work. They also said he doesn't have to come in all the time, as long as he gets his work done. Booyashaka.

In another brilliant twist of fate, it turns out one of my friends from law school is looking to rent out a room in his house for cheap, so it looks like he'll have a good place to live for cheap, with someone that is not in fact a serial killer. If only I could be so lucky.

I also went home this weekend to visit my family. My cousin Mario, his wife Mayra, and his mom came to visit for the weekend. Mario is moving to Houston as soon as all his papers go through, so that will be exciting to have him close by.

Finally, in my actual life, things are going well, although a little hectic. I realized this weekend my journal cite check assignment is due on Monday, and I had completely blown it off until now. Whoops. Assault and Flattery is also gearing up, which is going well, but is keeping my nights busy. Thankfully that won't be going on for too much longer. I'm also head-first into a few cases for the immigration clinic, so I've got qutie a bit going on right now.

Sorry this was not entertaining at all, but hopefully something amusing will happen soon. Maybe I'll slip and fall on a banana peel. Now that's comedy!

PS - Crank did in fact suck. But you can only feel the magnitude of the suckitude by seeing it yourself. Remember in Blues Brothers how they drove the car through the mall? There was a similar scene, only not as entertaining.