Saturday, March 31, 2007

House hunting

As you all know, shortly after Stephen's life-threatening move to Tejas, he moved in with me. He even signed the lease and everything so now it's all official-like. Now, don't get me wrong, our current apartment is just fine. But that's it - fine. It's fairly cheap considering what the normal apartment rate is in Austin, not a huge dump, and ridiculously close to the law school and Stephen's work. There are a few problems though:

#1 - I think I'm about to go all warrant of habitability on their ass. My building is only about 20 apartments or so, and it's owned and managed by one very tall old lady and her husband. They're very nice, but they're not, shall we say, efficient. My shower has been leaking for quite some time now, and the guy actually came to check it out, about, oh, 6 weeks ago. It was fixed on Thursday. Also, there has been some sort of strange funky mold growing on the ceiling of the bathroom, so if Stephen and I die of mold poisoning, feel free to sue them for me.

#2 - And this is the MAJOR problem - no pets allowed! I was okay with this at first - if you'll recall my poor kitty died about a year and a half ago, so I was cool with not getting another animal for a while. However, I've got the puppy fever. I want a dog! And alas, our building does not allow them. So we must persevere and search for a halfway decent place to live!

Apparantly, that's much harder than it seems. Any place we've looked at so far has gotten fairly crap-tastic reviews about management on or has reports about crazy drunken rich kids running throughout the halls at night. And I will be damned if I'm living in a dorm again! And if a place looks too good to be true, well, it is. We found a really nice apartment complex out by where I used to live last year, and besides the distance, there's also - surprise! We're selling off our apartments as condos. So, possibly someone will kick you out of your place. Suckaaa!

I think I might just resort to Craigslist.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

SBA elections

Since I am still technically in law school, I am obliged to talk a little about SBA elections, mostly because people I actually like are running.

First, I'd like to recommend everyone to vote for Brad Domangue for SBA President. He's a cool guy, did a great job in SBA this year, and I'm sure he'll do a great job as Pres.

I actually don't know any of the people running for 2L or 3L rep... I guess I'm not as much of a social butterfly as I was in undergrad. Now I just sit at home eating cake and watching Lost (Mmm, Lost!).

Second, I want to encourage all you 3Ls to vote for Kellie Starr for one of those permanent class representatives or whatever the position is. I like her. She's funny, and super involved in everything she does (which is a lot), and I'm sure she'll actually do what she's supposed to.

There, that's the end of my PSA.

Friday, March 23, 2007

I guess I'm posting once a week now?

Hey guys! Yup, still here. Blog... still sucks. I'll try and work on that. But I'm not making any promises.

First of all, everyone should send some "get well soon" vibes to Philip, as he had an emergency appendectomy earlier this week. Happy St. Patty's Day, Philip! You're going to the hospital. Actually, I think he's back at home, milking the surgery for all it's worth. Well played, Phil. I did much the same last summer.

My own St. Patty's Day almost led me to the hospital as well. Not from drinking, though. I went to the rodeo with Stephen in Houston and we gorged ourselves on carnival food. Sausage on a stick (delicious, and I don't care about the jokes, I love sausage!), funnel cake, bratwurst, and even my first taste of deep fried oreos. The oreos were just okay. I think I prefer the regular funnel cake. Anyway, I'm surprised I didn't have a heart attack mid-bite. I'm sure I'll be paying for it way down the line.

Other than that, the weekend was pretty good. This week has been getting back into the school groove. I had a dinner last night with the incoming board of TRESL. I think I found the perfect journal. I don't know if it's helped at all in finding a job and all that stuff, but it is something to put on the resume with minimal effort. To give you an idea, I've been on the journal for a full year now, and just met pretty much everyone at the dinner last night. Not exactly the most social of journals, but at least we don't have mandatory library meetings like some other journals *cough* Oil and Gas *cough*.

Now, if all my non-law friends haven't passed out from boredom already, I present you with something to occupy your time. Which reminds me: I'm still on the lookout for a good bilingual DJ for the wedding. Someone who can appeal to all genres of people who will be in attendance. I want Dan and Todd to grind with my grandma - that's how crazy things are going to get! Unfortunately, it seems bands are very cost-prohibitive, but if we were going to get a band, we would probably get these guys. Texas Party Band! Stephen and I are going to check them out tonight. Oh, it's happening!

Finally, since a blog post is never quite complete without a picture, I present to you Exhibit A, What My Hair Does When It Gets Sort Of Rainy Outside, But Kind Of Just Drizzling Sometimes (As It Has Been In Austin These Past Few Days):

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The break of spring

Hello! It's spring break at the University of Texas. I am currently in Houston, mainly doing wedding planning (which is tough - I think I'm working more now than I usually do in school).

I've been getting some comments lately:

"Have you abandoned your blog?"

"I thought you were dead."

"Your blog sucks."

And while the last one has always been true, I am here to remind you guys that yes, I am still alive, and yes, I still plan on posting in my blog. Things that have happened since the last post:

- Stephen and I made the drive down from Indiana to Tejas. Illinois was harrowing. Arkansas is boring and awful. Living together is pretty neat, and I like it a lot, except we're going out to eat like every day. Which is not good if I plan on, you know, fitting into all the clothes I currently own.

- As you may have read in Stephen's blog, I was insanely busy with Assault and Flattery, the law school musical/play. As always, it was a fun time and many inside jokes were made. If you'd like to hear a tale about a man named Tom Foetus, trust me, I've got plenty of material.

- Spring Break, wooooo! Actually, spring break has been fairly low-key with me running all over Houston looking at wedding stuff. It is most exciting to actually start the wedding preparations and all that. I even semi started a website.

- My cousin just told us (today) that he and his wife are having a kiddo! That makes for baby #2 in my cousins.

- I started watching Battlestar Galactica on DVD. So far, I think I'm enjoying it. Although, I did watch 4 hours of The Langoliers on The Sci-Fi Channel on Sunday, so my mind may be a little warped.

- Stephen and I had a $20 margarita. It was mildly delicious. I think I'll go for the cheap one next time.