Thursday, June 26, 2008

Out of my MIND

Well, it appears that Stephen has given up blogging, so I guess I have to make up for his absence. Here's a witty joke about being super awesome and totally sweet! Actually, he can probably make those jokes. Stephen interviewed a bunch of places, and ended up being offered like five jobs. He's currently working at Franklin University in Columbus, which seems to be going well. We're finally settling here in Columbus, and I'm actually learning my way around without getting lost too much. Hooray!

As for me, I'm currently job searching and studying for the bar, hence the title of this post. It's... not fun. I'm at the point where I've realized there is absolutely no way for me to know everything that is going to be on the bar. It's also pretty tiring to get the "Let us know when you pass the bar" responses from employers. Pleeeease employ me!

Oy. Also, we went to North Carolina with the whole Schreiber family earlier in June. There was a lot of yelling from the children, and also every kid had a turn throwing up on their parent. I think that delayed our having-kids-plans a few years. I'll post a picture later, since apparently they're all in Stephen's super-sweet new Macbook. Super awesome McSweetSweet.