Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cramazing news

Stephen and I are settling in nicely to the new house. I don't let Swarley sleep in our room anymore because I'm a jerk, but oh how well do I sleep. Somehow, somewhere, on some sort of list sold to companies, our name is listed as "Schreibert". We keep getting mail, dentist solicitations, and "exciting coupons" for the Schreiberts. Those guys are missing out on savings.

In other news, OMG. Granted, I was a bit more of a Babysitter's Club fan, but either way, this is going to be amazing. Diablo Cody, you'd best not disappoint if you don't want the entire fury of my rage raining down upon you.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Awesome to the Oose

Holy crap! The Irish pulled it out like pros! The team looked good, the crowd was fired up, and the band sounded decent. This has very good implications for the rest of the season, hopefully we can keep the momentum up.

Sweet ass sweet

So this Labor Day weekend, we decided to skip going to the game and finish moving to our new house. We are getting a moving truck tomorrow and moving it all, and we went out and bought a kitchen table, coffee table and desk today. Everything is happening fast, and it's pretty exciting. Hopefully all will be ready to go by the Michigan game so we can have an inaugural game watch at our house.

Finally, I am currently watching Law and Order and holy crap! A fellow Notre Dame FTT grad Tom Degnan was one of the suspects! I know someone who is now on TV (and according to IMDB is also on a soap). Between that and seeing a Public Defender I work with frequently in a Donato's commercial, I feel like I'm living the Hills lifestyle.