Thursday, August 12, 2004

America's Pastime

You might say that I am not that big of a sports fan. I would say I'm a medium to average follower of all major sports, excluding squash. Fuckin' squash. Anyway, I know the teams and the major players for most of said teams in the big sports, and if there's one sport that I would have to name as a "favorite", I would probably say it was baseball. After all, my lifetime of athleticism began with an extended stint in little league baseball, where I played left field. That's right, left field! In little league, that's one step up from the worst position, which as we all know, is right field.

So, I have some experience playing baseball in an organized setting, and am familiar with the most common rules. The other day I was watching a baseball game with my family, and my dad makes some comment about the third base coach. Now, when I was in little league, we had first and third base coaches because we didn't know what the hell we were doing out there. We had no real hand-eye coordination, no depth perception, and no way to tell if we would actually make it to second base, so we had to have a guy standing there telling us to KEEP GOING or to STAY ON FIRST. I thought to myself, surely you must be joking, father. These players make at minimum, hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Even the guy who sits on the bench all season makes more money than I'm hoping to in the near future. These guys must know by now whether they can run or if they should stay. But apparantly, I was wrong, my friends. These people who are being paid millions of dollars to hit a ball and run around a diamond cannot even decide for themselves whether it's safe to run to second base or to run home. They still need someone's dad in way-too-short baseball shorts to stand there at first and third base and yell at them to RUN HOME.

Baseball's never been the same since the strike.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Decision 2004

So there's a lot of press going on about the election. Rightly so, it's a very important part of our lives, and this election will surely affect the US and the world tremendously. But I think too much importance has been placed on the candidates.

Let's take a look at what really matters - our first ladies.

First off, Laura Bush. OK, we've had four years with her in the White House. What has she proven? That she's a smart, level-headed and easy-going woman. Just because she's less outspoken than previous first ladies *cough* Hilary *cough* doesn't mean she's submissive or too modest. I mean, she's a freakin' librarian, who doesn't like them? Except for my crazy librarian in first grade who had the freaky long fingernails. She was an exception. Anyway, Laura Bush shows that she's got what it takes to be a great First Lady.

Now, let's look at Theresa Heinz Kerry. This woman has proven to be an erratic, hypocrytical nut job. She says that reporters were putting words in her mouth when they were quoting back to her what she said. She calls for civility in politics and then tells reporters to shove it. And she grabs the microphone away from her husband while he's making speeches. Is this the kind of woman you want representing your country? She can't even decide on how to pronounce her first name or decide on a last name, but you want her to be giving advice on what to do in the forum of international politics?!

It's your choice, folks. Decision 2004.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Blog, Livejournal, what?

OK, so I have a livejournal account. I've been on friendster. I'm signing up for stuff I don't even know about anymore. I must be, or else I wouldn't be getting e-mails every day of how I can refinance my home that I don't own. So now I'm here. Can I keep this up? Who knows.

So I guess this will mostly be to log my travails through senior year. And trying to get into grad school and prolong my entry into the real world as much as possible. As of tonight, I'm hoping to do a Masters in Public Policy with a joint law degree. Ha. We'll see. I can see the gods laughing at me as I type this.

And yes, I enjoy using blasphemy in order to describe my life :-)